Thursday, May 21, 2015

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

It's hard to believe that Miki is now officially a preschool graduate.  He just finished his 3rd year of preschool at our church's wonderful preschool program.  He has been looking forward to wearing this shirt/tie/vest for the past few weeks!  He definitely looked dapper. 

One of the most special parts of the graduation program was when they announced what each child said they wanted to be when they grew up.  Here's a video of what they said Miki wanted to be:

How special is it when your child notices how his daddy loves what he does for a job and he too wants to be that when he grows up. Miki was actually named after the doctor in the orphanage where he lived in Ethiopia.  When he entered the orphanage, they started calling him the name of the doctor.  Who knew that one day, Miki would have a daddy that was a doctor...someone he'd love and look up to. 

Now preschool is over and my little buddy will start kindergarten in August.  What a year it is for us. One graduating from preschool and one from high school. God has truly blessed our family and I thank him each day for the little things. 

Tomorrow Miki may say he wants to be an astronaut.  But today was sure special hearing that he wants to be like his daddy.

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